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Law Firm Marketing

WP22 is an Internet marketing agency for law firms.

WP22 Consulting LLC
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Since 2010 WP22 Consulting LLC has been primarily dedicated to Internet marketing for law firms.

For the last 6 years our team of SEO experts, web developers, social media managers, and writers have successfully driven multiple law firms to dominate search results in their respective markets.

Our team has written and published thousands of unique pages of content for some of the best personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys in the US.

Our principle founder, Chris Grau, insists that we keep our campaigns and attorneys marketing strategies simple... but not too simple.

Lawyer SEO: Build on a Solid Foundation

We believe quality content must be at the foundation of every attorney website looking to be authoritative to search engines and rank above their competitors. The following list covers some of the initial tasks we execute for our new attorneys:

Now we can start building successful law firm marketing & SEO campaigns!

How do we build a successful Law Firm Marketing Campaign?

Usually it's a combination of creative growth hacking techniques with a dash of old school SEO link acquisition, mix in a bunch of unique content consistently pumped through a network of Internet properties that compounds to grow a BIG long tail keyword rich website. But we develop custom strategies for each of our clients, so give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

Content marketing because Google (Facebook & everyone else) is hungry


Google is constantly looking for new content. Check out their Google News approved websites... they practically require a website to have multiple syndicated post daily to get approved regardless of how unique it is. Even in Googles hyperlocal search environment freshness matters.

New pages and post also create a natural supply of internal and external links that can improve your value in the eyes of Google.

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

It's very important to claim and build out your law firms social media profiles. For one thing, this helps confirm that your website is really "your" website. That your firms phone number, address, hours etc are correct. Other website properties also become distribution channels for all that good content.

We have also used Facebook's advertising to run over $600,000 of PPC campaigns for our clients. So there are other avenues for lead generation that social media opens up. is one of the Best Free Attorney Directories

Chris and his partners launched as a pet project in 2015. As of October 2016 is ranked 855,000 with a domain rating for 51 on The website is also one the Top 100 Law Firm Directories (2016). There are over 230,000 unique listings. So don't forget to sign up, there will be alot of new exciting changes coming soon!

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